Celebrity Run-In

I had my annual performance review this past Monday. Rich, my boss, took me to lunch at Firebirds. As Rich was signing the receipt and we were about to get up to leave, in walks someone that looks just like Jimmie Johnson! He sits down at the table right beside us with 2 other guys. At first I wasn’t sure it was him because of his new haircut and the beard. But, I noticed on tv this past Sunday when he was being interviewed in victory lane that his facial hair looked like it didn’t really grow around his chin/mouth. Oh my gosh! This guy’s beard looks just like that! The more I stared at him (his table was directly in my line of sight) I realized it really was him! I ended up totally freaking out with my boss sitting right there!! Of course, Rich had no idea who it was. I called Richie because I had to tell someone! He started making fun of me. I ended up deciding that I HAD to get a picture with him or else I’d always regret it. And, my boss graciously agreed to take the picture. So, I stood up and went to his table and tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and I asked if I could get my picture made with him. He was like “Gosh, you scared me! I thought I had done something wrong!” Rich took the picture and then I asked him to sign my lunch receipt (it was the only thing I had!). I told him congrats on his win at Dover the previous weekend (I’m glad I watched the race!) and thanked him. He said “no problem!” Then, as Rich and I were walking out of the restaurant, I realized that the picture had not saved on my phone!!!! Oh no!!!! I asked Rich if he would come back inside with me to ask if I could have another picture made. So, I walked back up to Jimmie’s table and said “Hi, the stalker is back. Can I get another picture? The first one didn’t save!” He just kinda laughed and said sure. So, I got another picture and made sure it saved this time! It was totally embarrassing and Rich made the comment “I’m going to make sure she works late for making me do this” to Jimmie.
 jimmie johnson 

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