A Sigh of Relief

Tax season is finally over, and I can get back to living my life again!  The past 4 months have been some of the hardest and most stressful of my life.  Obviously, the new year didn’t start out with the best of news.  Then, work picked up and I felt like I have lived at the office for the past 6 weeks.  In the midst of the stress of taxes, there were layoffs and pay cuts in my firm.  I had to say goodbye to some people that had become my good friends since I started this job in July.   But, now spring is upon us.  I have a cheery outlook on life.  I am thankful to have a job, less hours to work, and finally time to exercise, be outdoors, and enjoy spending time with my friends and family.  Yesterday, I got to work at 9:15, took an hour lunch, and left at 2:45.  It was glorious!  When I got off work, I got my hair cut (much needed since it had been since December.)  I got 4 inches cut off, and I feel like a new woman!!  It’s a little too short, but  it will grow back quickly due to the prenatal vitamins.  

Monday is my birthday, so I have a fun-filled weekend planned!  Tonight, my wonderful hubby is taking me out to dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant here in Charlotte.  Tomorrow morning, we’re going to take the boat out for the first time since last fall.  It’ll be just a quick spin around the lake to make sure it cranks and works properly.  Then, we’re heading to Greensboro to have my birthday dinner with my parents, my brother, and my sister-in-law.  I’m so excited to see them!  The past few times I’ve seen them, I’ve been stressed and distracted with work.  So, I’m looking forward to going to my parents’ house, relaxing, and enjoying the time together.  Then, on Sunday, I’m packing my bags for a trip to Myrtle Beach with some old friends!  My former employer always takes several people to the beach every year for a conference.  Well, my former coworker (and one of my dearest friends) invited me to come along this year and crash in her hotel room.  It didn’t take me long to say “YES, YES, YES!”  I will spend 2 days shopping, hanging out by the pool with a book, sleeping, and whatever else I want to do.  All my former coworkers will be in class and other conference events most of the time.  But, I’ll still get some time to hang out with them and catch up in between events and at night.  A free trip to the beach… it doesn’t get better than that!


2 thoughts on “A Sigh of Relief

  1. Jared Ginn

    Maybe now you’ll have time to post more for your loyal readers! I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Ya’ll have fun on the lake! Love you!


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