Happy Birthday Dad!

I am so glad it is Friday.  This has been such a long week.  I found out that 2 more girls that I know are pregnant.  Also, a girl in our church small group has a baby due any day now.  So, as much as I try to not think about pregnancy, it’s everywhere around me!  I pray that their babies are born healthy and that everything goes smoothly.  I also pray that one day I will be in their positions.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so Richie and I are going to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I’m not sure where we’re going, so I hope he is making the plans.  Today is also my dad’s birthday!!  So, tomorrow we’re going to Greensboro to have dinner with my family.  I can’t wait! 

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.  I thought I would have gotten over this by now, but there are days where the pain is just as raw as it was right after it happened.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. Abbie


    I know what you mean. Some days I can be just fine, and others I am crushed under the weight of it all. I am praying for you.

    Thanks for your prayers and for commenting on my site; somehow it makes me feel a little better just to know that there are others out there who understand what I am going through. Hope you are doing okay this week.

    Love in Christ,

  2. Melanie

    Hello Greta… I read a comment on Abbie’s blog from you and I want to tell you that you aren’t alone… I am a mommy to an angel in Heaven and none here on earth YET. I would love to be able to share anything with you as I know the ache you have in your heart. It will take time to heal your wound! I am blessed and thankful to my Heavenly Father that He is by my side 24/7. I would love to connect with you and if you would like please read my blog and read about Nehemiah~My Angel in Heaven who passed away at 8 wks but I didn’t know till my 11w 5d appt! It hurts YES but time will heal all wounds (I promise)!


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