A Case of the Mondays

Every year, the last days of December are always a big letdown for me.  There is such a big buildup to Christmas, and you get all this time off work.  Then, it’s over and reality sets back in.  It was definitely hard to go back to work today.  At least I’m only working today and tomorrow this week, so I shouldn’t complain too much!  Next week will be REALLY depressing! 

Richie and I had a lovely time in Tarboro.  His sister, Ashlea, got a Wii for Christmas and graciously brought it over to his parents’ house.  So, we played it for most of Christmas day.  Now, Richie is on a mission to find one and buy it for us.  I’m afraid he may be waiting a while before they are restocked in the stores.  We got a couple of baby gifts while we were in Tarboro.  Richie’s mom gave us a baby blanket and his sister, Tracy, gave us a little “sleep sack” for the baby to sleep in.  I’ve made a little pile in the office/future nursery of the cute little things we’ve gotten so far!  I’m starting to get anxious to find out if the baby is a boy or girl.  I want to start buying stuff, too!  Richie is convinced that it is going to be a boy.

We have become good friends with a couple that lives near us, Mark and Kristina, and they are having a baby.  It’s due on January 8th, so Kristina is definitely ready for it to come!  They came over to our house on Saturday night and we spent a couple of hours talking about baby stuff.  It’s nice to talk about the baby with another expectant mom!


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