Merry Christmas!

This past weekend, Richie and I went to Greensboro to celebrate Christmas with my family.  We had a great time!  We ate a delicious dinner Saturday night, drove through a neighborhood in Greensboro that has an awesome light display, and opened presents.  My parents gave “Baby Meads” a precious toy.  It’s a little security blanket that the baby can sleep with.  Jared and Abby got us a baby book so we can document all the new memories we are about to make.  They also gave us a matching keepsake box to keep all of our cards and other special items that we want to save.   I got the game “Scene It” so we played it later that night.  Jared is the biggest movie buff I have ever met, so of course he and Abby beat the rest of us very easily.  We stayed at my parents’ house Saturday night and went to their church Sunday morning to hear the choir sing the Christmas cantata.  I had a wonderful weekend!  Thanks Mom, Dad, Jared, and Abby, for everything and I love you very much!

Tomorrow morning, we will drive to Tarboro, NC to spend Christmas with Richie’s family.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone and relaxing for a few days! 

One of my dear friends, Allison, received the greatest Christmas present of all last night around 6:45 pm.  She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!  I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to her yet, but I hope to have time to go to Greensboro to see her in the next couple weeks.  Congratulations, Allison and Jason!

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and is safe during all their travels in the coming week.


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