11 Weeks!

There are 8 days until Christmas.  I feel like the year has totally flown by.  I have just about all my shopping done, but I haven’t wrapped a single gift!  Nor, do I know if I have any suitable wrapping paper, boxes, or bags left over from last year.  I guess I’ll find out tonight when I MAKE myself pull it all out and start wrapping presents. 

Tomorrow I will be exactly 11 weeks!  I can’t believe we found out the news almost 2 months ago.  Where has the time gone???  I don’t think I’m as tired as I was a few weeks ago, so I think that’s getting better.  But, I haven’t felt very good lately.  I got a cold a couple weeks ago, but luckily I recovered quickly.  However, I tend to feel nauseous if I don’t eat enough.  BUT, I feel nauseous if I eat too much.  I haven’t quite figured out the “perfect” amount of food that doesn’t make me feel sick. 

My clothes are officially getting too tight.  My parents are giving me some new pants for Christmas, and I desperately need them!  This morning I felt a really weird feeling in my stomach for a split second.  It felt like a little butterfly flittering in there.  But, it went away as quickly as it came.  Was it my imagination?  Was it the banana I ate for breakfast?  Or, could it have been little peanut in there?? 

One final thought – I called a couple of daycares this morning to schedule tours of the facilities while Richie and I are both on vacation over the next couple of weeks.  One place said that the 2009 rate for an infant is $258 a week!!!!!  I’m already trying to figure out what restaurant I want to apply to as a waitress for nights and weekends!


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