Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m so excited to have a long weekend!  And, I can’t wait to tell my whole family, especially my grandparents, the news!  I will be 8 weeks on Thursday, and things haven’t changed too much.  I’m still exhausted.  However, I’ve started having a little morning sickness.  It’s not too bad, and it comes in waves.  As long as I don’t let myself get too hungry, I feel ok.  However, my taste buds have started doing strange things.  We ate at Carrabba’s this weekend and I ordered my “usual.”  It all tasted so gross that I couldn’t stomach more than 2 bites!!  I’m sure it was the same as it always is, but I suddenly hate it.  It was really strange.  

I’m not starting to show yet.  It’s way too early for that.  But, my clothes are definitely getting tighter.  I’ve always struggled with my weight, and it’s a really nice feeling to not be focused on losing weight.  I’m trying to continue to exercise and eat healthy, but I’m not religiously counting calories.  I have 8 more months before I have to worry about that again!  Once I begin to “show,” I will post some pictures of the belly 🙂


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